5 Surprising Benefits of a clean home and maintained garden.

A clean home and garden holds much more value than merely keeping up appearances. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to reap those benefits, with strenuous labour and its time-consuming nature. Yet it's always worth it, and with a little help, it's always possible. With years of experience and first-hand knowledge, we'll share 5 reasons why keeping your house and garden in order is more than a sight for sore eyes.


1) It Promotes a Healthier life. Regular cleaning and maintenance lead to significantly healthier lives. Simple cleaning tasks such as sweeping, dusting and vacuuming, too often overlooked, keep illness-causing germs at bay and reduce the risk of contracting infections or diseases. Through eliminating dust mites, pet fur and other allergens and irritants, you'll find allergy-induced symptoms relieved and prevent harmful microbes from spreading. Residents that have allergies or respiratory problems, for instance, asthma, rhinitis, and chronic sinusitis are known to benefit immensely from clean environments.


    2) Reduced Safety Hazards. In our work, we see too often how cluttered homes and unmaintained gardens have affected the mobility and safety of participants. Keeping the house organised will reduce the risk of you or a loved one from getting injured and will make a massive difference to the overall safety of your home. Material left on the floor is one easy trip or slip away to urgent care. In dire situations, clutter can also block exits and safety equipment in case of a fire or medical emergency. In the garden, excess tree growth, unpruned brush and weeds will invite pests and small animals to inhabit the area. If this isn't addressed, it may manifest into more complex issues such as infestations or structural damage to the residence. Furthermore, in the event of a fire, a well-maintained garden will deter the ability of flames to spread to more foliage and your building.

    3) Boosted Productivity Levels. A clean and happy home has more benefits than appearances. What happens inside and outside of these walls can affect your mood, influence your outlook and significantly determine your productivity levels. In many ways, the home and garden can be viewed as an extension of oneself, so maintaining control is vital to creating an environment that boosts your productivity and focuses your strengths.

    4) A Warm and Inviting Environment. Who doesn't love coming home to a clean environment? The positive feelings associated with clutter-less spaces produces a more sociable experience for family and guests. Similarly, a maintained garden reflects a welcoming aura and will increase the curb appeal of a home. A beautiful yard and trimmed shrubbery make the home appealing to the community and visitors. A nice bonus is that this may significantly boost the value of the property, creating better and faster sales in the market.

    5) It Keeps You Mentally Healthy. Healthy Mental health isn't solely about what's going on inside. What's happening in your physical surroundings is equally essential. Spaces that are messy lead distractions, impairing the brain's ability to process information, leaving one agitated and anxious. Moreover, environments of hoarding and squalor can induce long-term issues affecting relationships, health and state of mind. Besides, the process of cleaning and pruning is known to provide several mental health benefits. Everything from satisfying surroundings to the completion of a task – they're all things individuals find very cathartic.


      Alliedhealth services are committed to the wellbeing of our participants and giving them choices to better their quality of life. We can help transform and improve your home and garden into a welcoming, motivating and energetic space. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 1300 70 22 16 and experience the surprising benefits of clean home and garden for yourself!