COVID-19 Update from AlliedHealth Cleaning Services

The past few weeks have been a bit of whirlwind. Fewer restrictions enabled many people to finally see their loved ones and attend outdoor social activities once again in what was a breath of fresh air both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, however, COVID-19 cases have begun to rise again, springing up across the nation. At AlliedHealth Cleaning Services, we want you to know that we are taking several necessary actions to assure both your support services can continue to be met and additionally to limit the spread of COVID-19 within the community. 

AlliedHealth has been fully operational during the entire course of the pandemic with all our services running as usual – and we're not going anywhere. As cases begin to rise again, our staff and team members have been working incredibly diligently in practising high levels of sanitation and safety measures in all facets of work and exercising caution while at home. Our team members are instructed to wear PPE, which stands for personal protective equipment such as gloves, face masks, shoe covers and clinical gowns in homes of our participants and follow all regulations and safety guidelines. Moreover, staff are ordered to stay home if feeling unwell or have come in contact with anyone affected by COVID-19. In addition, we've seen great success in implementing contactless biohazard cleaning and contactless grocery services for the safety and comfort of our participants.It's important to acknowledge that for many participants with NDIS plans, physical visits with a support service worker are not optional, as they form part of the livelihood and the stability that constitutes a safe living environment. If you feel nervous or concerned at any point, or if you do not believe that your support worker is exercising the required health and safety measures, you have every right to ask them to leave. If this occurs, please contact your provider and clarify the situation so that they can follow up with their team. Reliable service providers will welcome criticism and want to make sure you feel protected and comfortable.

As our services continue your peace of mind and wellbeing remain vital to us, and we'll continue to be there for you and address any concerns by keeping our communication lines open. While the Australian community confronts the challenges of COVID-19, we must stay strong and work together to persevere through these difficult times. 

Please contact us on 1300 70 22 16 if you have any questions or just wanting to chat, and from the whole team at AlliedHealth, please stay safe.