What We're Doing To Help You

During these unprecedented times, we want to ensure that our client's safety and happiness remains paramount. AlliedHealth understands that support at home looks different for everyone and that even a little help can go a long way in leading a better life. For some this may mean getting assistance with regular cleaning, mowing the lawn and help with contactless shopping to larger tasks such as creating home modifications to improve mobility and safety, to squalor and hoarding services to restore confidence and peace of mind.


To be independent doesn't mean doing everything on your own, it means giving yourself choices. Our staff is prepared to provide varying degrees of support specialised to your needs. Whether it be temporary or long term, these choices can make home a place of comfort and stability.


As part of this new way of living, it's imperative for us to continue providing regular assistance to you and your family. Preserving a high level of cleanliness has never been more essential. Our teams continue to follow current and evolving safety precautions as outlined by the NDIS and the Australian Government.


From Domestic to Financial Management. To further extend our avenues of support, AlliedHealth will be moving forward with a new service, Plan Management.


Plan Management takes care of the financial administration side of NDIS plans. This involves the handling and processing of invoices, claiming of funds from the NDIS and payments to service providers. Handling NDIS funding can be challenging and feel like a burden, especially when you've got enough on your plate. You're not alone. AlliedHealth Plan Management can take on the responsibility of your plan finances while still empowering you to have choice and freedom over your support.


We'll work as a financial intermediary to assist you with

  • Creating and keeping track of your budgets.
  • Setting up accounts and making payments. 
  • Claiming from the NDIS.
  • Keeping track of your spending. 
  • Give you access to tools and resources to guide you through your NDIS journey.


By appointing us as your NDIS Plan Manager, we'll look after you to ensure you get the most out of your support services and save valuable time that could be otherwise spent with loved ones than the unneeded headaches of invoices and admin work.


More information? If you’d like to speak with us on how you can benefit from Plan Management or our wide-ranging domestic services, just give our friendly team a call on 1300 702 216, or leave your contact details here and we'll get in contact with you.