About Us

"Hand to hand we plan. Eye to eye we help. We rise above and give you back control"

Mission, Values and Vision

At AlliedHealth Cleaning services, we believe control is power. That is why we give back the control when it comes to cleaning. We allow you to choose who, when and how the cleaning is done.

We work hard in breaking the stereotype in seeking help with cleaning. Our professional team assist each individual goals to a customised plan that allows each participant to live a lifestyle autonomously.

We assist participants and their domestic family cleaning and help to
maintain clean and healthy living conditions.

Company Profile

Alliedhealth Cleaning understands that disability might come in many forms. Some disabilities are faced from birth; others are developed during people's lifetime. They can come on suddenly or gradually develop over many years without the person knowing about it. Coming to terms with any illness is not easy and might take a long time, especially when your illness is sudden.

This is the hardest time, and naturally, you will be down about it, yet with a few changes, you might still be able to live your life to the fullest. Changes can be as simple as getting a professional cleaner to help you make the process easier.

Cleaning and household tasks are one of the necessities of life – however, it doesn't have to be a chore! Cleanliness and organisation can have a fantastic impact not just on your surroundings but on your mental and physical well-being, too.

Cleaning, organising and decluttering has been proven to boost your mood, your relationships and even your weight loss efforts. Furthermore, we will also try and not take all the daily chores. We believe that being in control of certain things in life gives you back the feeling of autonomy. These include things like making your bed and tidying away clothing in the morning, which means you are 19% more likely to have a better day.

When you get AlliedHealth Cleaning to help you, this is how you can benefit:

  • Reduces Stress and Depression
  • Helps you eat Better
  • Improves your workout
  • Boosts your relationships
  • Increases productivity
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Aids sleep

If you want all the benefits and have a better life, simply get in contact with us and we will start you on the journey of feeling amazing right away.

How We Work

AlliedHealth Cleaning Services assists individuals and their family in their homes and environment by providing household cleaning. This is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in an individual's quality of life. Individuals and their significant other/s benefit from domestic assistance as they can free up their time and enjoy more important things in their life.

Who are our clients?

We have clients of all ages and cater to all their individual needs. They are everyday people who require assistance with domestic cleaning, yard maintenance or use a handyman to assist them around their house.


All approved services will be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Our company has a ‘no gap’ payment scheme. This guarantees that every client under this program is able to benefit from our services.

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About Us

We are a team of professional cleaners that specialise in domestic cleaning for NDIS participants that have a permanent disability. We are a recognised government provider that can look after your individual needs without any out of pocket costs. We assist participants and their family with domestic cleaning and help to maintain clean and healthy living conditions. We aim to provide a way to help participants achieve their goals set out in their plans and help to maintain independence over their life.

We all know that getting a cleaning service into your home is extremely difficult due to the shortage of professional cleaners that are NDIS approved. AlliedHealth Cleaning Services are widely available for all your cleaning needs, as It is a matter of time before AH Cleaning services is also booked out. It only takes a phone call, and you could save a lot of headaches.

How can Allied Health cleaning services help?

AlliedHealth Cleaning Services will be working with you to ensure that any funded support purchased from us is useful and beneficial for you. Initially, a consultant will meet with you and discuss what is in your plan and then determine the best way for your goals to be achieved. We will then give you a plan that fits with your unique life circumstances. Our service is about empowering our clients by not worrying about household duties, but focusing on what is important to them.

“Working together on achieving great things is what partnership is all about and AH cleaning services wants to be your preferred partner”