Declutter & Reorganise

At AlliedHealth Cleaning Services, we help with all you declutter and reorganise. Whether that might be packing Winter blooms or makings or making extra space for that table, you have always wanted to get.

Decluttering and reorganise your physical environments is a positive way to clear your 'head-space' – allowing you and those around you think more clearly. In essence, decreasing clutter and reorganising your environments means you will be able to find whatever you need at any given time.

Our decluttering and reorganise services for the home include:

  • Decluttering cupboards – these could be in the bathroom,kitchen, bedrooms, living areas, linen cupboards, the attic, 'that room' and even your garage and storage spaces;
  • We will go through your documents and paperwork and assist you in ascertaining what can be disposed of, archived and importantly kept and organising simply;

Our declutter and reorganise services for your home office include:

  • Overhauling your paperwork, documents and files – hard copy and soft copy – resulting in your current paper-and-files that are needed regularly, to be easily assessable. Additionally, items that are no longer required are disposed of. What needs to be kept is stored in an archive system tailored your requirements;
  • Going through your product/stock and ensuring that current product/stock is readily available at your finger-tips.
What you can expect when you book a declutter and reorganise is booked:
  • Ascertaining from those in this environment what is required around them in terms of documents, paperwork, reference material, products / tools to assist each person to be more efficient and productive, listening and then implementing each person's feedback and dealing with / and decreasing the clutter and reorganising each person's environment.

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