End of Leasing Cleaning

The End-of-Lease (EoL) cleaning is the most fulfilling post lease property condition. Our professional cleaners will go above and beyond to make sure you get your bond back.

Areas we will be looking after

Living space:

Dusting and wiping walls of surfaces, appliances and decoration; vacuuming and mopping floors; carpets and rugs (the furniture is polished); skirting boards, light switches and windowsills are wiped clean; cobwebs are removed; the internal windows can be washed and blinds, dusted upon request.


Cupboards are cleaned in and outside with specialised kitchen cleaning products and sanitisation (we don’t apply direct water to clean kitchen , cupboards); floors are vacuumed, swept and mopped; surfaces and bench-tops washed with sanitisation and wiped till dry & polished; oven cleaned inside and out; cooker top, knobs, hops, wiped and polished; sink washed to take out tea marks; sanitise all electrical appliances and wiped to make it look brand new.


Dusting, wiping walls and pictures. The mirrors and its surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and polished; windowsills and skirting boards cleaned; all cobwebs removed; floors are vacuumed, swept and mopped.


The sink and its cabinets are washed with special leaning products and sanitised (we don’t apply direct water to clean bathroom); the bath, shower and toilet are disinfected, sanitised and polished; bathroom fittings, accessories, taps handles and fittings are wiped clean, and dried & polished, the floor swept and mopped.

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