Hoarding & Squalor Cleaning

At AlliedHealth cleaning services, we understand that having a cluttered
home is not laziness. In facts, it is a health concern that we wish to help
make the journey smoother.

Our services provide a tailored program to help you live in a safe and
comfortable environment. We aim to support anyone that suffers from
hoarding tendencies or are living in domestic squalor.

When people are living in squalor (filthy conditions) or always hoarding
items of little value, this points towards complex reasons for their self-neglect.

AlliedHealth services provide a tailored program to help you live in a
safe and comfortable environment. We aim to support hoarding
tendencies or for people living in domestic squalor.

What is hoarding?

Hoarding is a behavioural mental health condition that can be
diagnosed and treated.

What is squalor?

A living environment. An extremely cluttered household that can lead to
very poor health and well-being of the participants.

Hoardering & Squalor Clean-up Procedures

Step 1) Client's environment is analysed as a whole to determine which
areas will become a priority and areas that could wait for our attention.

Step 2) We will create a programme that not only is efficient with
timeframes but also caters around the clients need.

Step 3) An iPad will be given to the participant. This is to allow the
participant the opportunity to take photos of all the things that he/she
will like to keep. We will label and store them as we move through their

Step 4) The declutter and reorganising process will start. We do not stop
until everything is completely removed.

AlliedHealth Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is experienced in understanding
each participant's emotional state of mind during the process. We pride
ourselves in not only doing the best job but also being caring and
compassionate to each participant and their loved ones.

Step 5) We will decontaminate at the end of each job completion.
Once the participant's environment is spotless, we will focus on the
health care of the participant. Decontamination is a massive part of
AlliedHealth Cleaning Services' Clean-up procedure. To reduce bacteria
growth and to cause significant issues, we will decontaminate all affected area. This will reduce any risks to the participant living in their home, which may become sick at times; the illness can be quite dangerous.

Our services include:

  • Free of charge in home consultation
  • Customised program that suits client’s needs 
  • Our team will not only work with client but also work around other service providers as a team
  • Support to assist in clearing out clutter
  • Improving hygiene and ease of cleaning
  • Improving home safety by reducing hazardous risk
  • Rubbish removal
  • Offer home maintenance services 
  • Help with getting rid of pest and rodents
  • Free 3 months review with our consultant

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