Support Coordinators

AlliedHealth Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is a registered NDIS company that supports funded Participants from the NDIS. 

Our role is to provide support not only to NDIS participants but also work with their support coordinator / Carers to achieve every participant individual goal. 

AlliedHealth Cleaning Services Pty Ltd also assists with all insurance clients and work with their providers to achieve the client’s individual needs and requirements. 

AlliedHealth Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is determined to achieve and reach all of our clients and NDIS participants needs, by going one step further by facilitating participants to live safe and independently in their own home. Our newly established division, Home Modifications can carter all the necessary requirements needed to facilitate participants with their disabilities and accessibilities. Our in-house professional licensed builder will liaise with a licensed OT, participants and other advocates in creating an safe living environment. This maximises each participant’s independence and safety, as per the Australian Standards As 1428 and satisfying the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. 

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